Christopher Wilkinson Architect is an architectural design firm located in Santa Monica, California. Founded in 2009, Christopher Wilkinson’s primary focus is to provide excellent design and architectural services for clients designing modern, light-filled functional buildings and spaces utilizing modern materials that incorporate sustainable materials and methods of construction. Christopher Wilkinson Architect’s approach to practice is using contemporary design methods and document production.

The design methods employed by Christopher Wilkinson Architect are focused to maximize a project’s uniquely positive characteristics and the client’s goals. Christopher Wilkinson Architect specializes in custom residential and commercial building, approaching building design that embodies exquisite functionality, natural light and open plan organizational concepts. These characteristics embody a real investment of value for a client’s home or business.

Christopher Wilkinson Architect’s emphasis is on constructability throughout the project, but always towards the goal of using innovative technology and materials whether the project is large or small.  This focus leads to an intense study of the project and the discovery of the challenges and opportunities unique to each client’s project.